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This is my personal blog and anything I write here in no way reflects the opinion of Cisco Systems, my employer. If it does, it is only by pure coincidence :) Nothing here constitutes investment advice either, so you can't sue me.

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    Review: Wetpaint wiki (4/5) More evidence that Google's core business is hurting

    Cool utility: Joe's Goals

    I just found a cool little utility called Joe's Goals via Ajaxian.  This is pretty neat--kind of like Outlook ultra-lite.  It's an AJAX-y Web application, very lightweight and fast.  I'm actually using it, I threw it onto the Joesgoals Windows active desktop so it just sits in the background all day.  It's a nice way to keep things non-IT related such as work out and blog in mind that I need or want to do throughout the day.

    Review: Wetpaint wiki (4/5) More evidence that Google's core business is hurting

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